Dimitris Mallios & partners are GDG Real Estate and Construction company. We’re happy to help you fulfill your dreams in having your own property in Greece which is full of sun. GDG works in Greece since 2001 and we would like to welcome you to our little corner of the world, Koroni village in Messinia of Peloponnese!

Göran Dath as a great realtor is searching Messinia to find land and houses in order to prepare and renovate for you. To help create your dream house, we cooperate with Greek architects and skilled local contrators and craftsmen.

Panagiotis Perivolarakis as a local, an experienced manager and a licenced Mechanical Engineer is organizing real estate and constructions activities of the company.

GDG can arrange your accomodation for your viewing trip. It is quite easy to find rooms on short notice if you avoid the most busy season, which is from July 15 to September 10.