Welcome to Messinia

On the southwestern “finger” of the Peloponnese – the large island divided from mainland Greece by the Corinthian Channel – is where you find the region of Messinia. The capital and largest city of the region is Kalamata, with about 54. 600 inhabitants.

Euripides is said to have called Messinia “the land of the good fruit” for its beauty and its fertile rich earth and of course we at GDG Koroni agree. Messinia is more or less one large olive grove and yields both the well known Kalamata olives and high quality olive oil.

Costa Navarino on the west side of the peninsula has become a popular attraction for golfers from around the world, with lovely resorts and beautiful courses.

Along the Messinian coastline there are several ancient fortresses that can be visited, vistas with spectacular views, quaint villages and towns with with cozy tavernas and cafées and of course, a multitude of beautiful beaches and the big blue sea!

The closest airport is Kalamata, about 40 minutes from Koroni. It has internationell flights to Sweden, Germany, England, France, Austria and Holland between March and November.
Kalamata also has exellent busroutes to Athens and several other destinations.