Building your house

We build turn-key houses with northern European standards. We take care of everything concerning the building of your house, from the first draft at the drawing board to the completion of the finished house!

During the years we have built houses here in Messinia, a lot has changed, in terms of rules and regulations. Building regulations have tightened, we have started using both new materials and building techniques.

Greece is a country with frequent earthquake activity and becasue of this the new building regulations are very strict when it comes to earthquake safety. The demands on the house’s concrete foundation are rigorous  – and for the law abiding contractor, costly!

Design your own house

How it’s usually done:
1. Together we discuss a suitable floorplan, based on either our suggestions or your own ideas
2. The next step is exchanging ideas about general design until we’re all happy with the plan and then turn everything over to the architect 
3. When the architect’s drawings and plans are approved by you, we go ahead and apply for a building permit. Soon after, it’s time to start building!